Dial-up service
C3 provides dial-up Internet service for grantees of the Soros Foundation with full Internet access, e-mail and homepage hosting. The grants expire by the end of 1999, but all mailboxes and homepages can stay on our servers.

Please report any problems with the dial-up service to help@c3.hu or call 214-6856.

Technical details:

1. Phone number: 06-40-252525 or 214-6860 (16 lines, max. 28800 baud)

2. Phone number: 06-40-200008 or 457-6400 (60 lines, max. 56000 baud or ISDN)

The number begining with 06-40 are so called blue numbers, which can be accessed for the local phone tariff across Hungary. This service is provided for free by Matáv.

Mode: automatic PPP (tested with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Macitnosh, Windows 3.1+Trumpet or MS Internet Explorer) or terminal login (issue PPP DEF after login to connect with PPP)

Name servers:, (automatically negotiated when using the tested clients)

All other parameters are set up automatically. An IP address is allocated dinamically.

You do not need to write any scripts, just enter username and password to connect with PPP authentication, if possible.

There are detailed setup descriptions in Hungarian for our users.

Last updated: 21 January, 2000   by: András Tüdős, C3 technical manager