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WAP developments
We developed a Wireless Application Protocol interface for mobile users of the Freemail system owned by MATÁVnet and operated by C3.

The WAP homepage of C3: 
Nokia Hungary has provided Nokia 7110 WAP capable 
mobile phones for the developments.

Matáv multimedia show
C3 contributed to the new multimedia technologies show of Matáv with the following services:
  • Virtual studio demo
    (simple effects where the showman is placed into different environments)
  • MPEG1 video transmission over IP
    (multicasted and unicast WAN video transmission for remote audience)
  • Virtual news headlines 
    (user can select the topics and watch the on-the-fly created news stream)
The SGI MediaBase streaming media server with MPEG1-2 and Realvideo G2 support was provided by Silicon Graphics Hungary. The Origin 200 based server was distributing a live 1 Mbps stream with multicast to the local LAN connected PCs and with unicast to the remote clients (via a 2Mbps leased WAN line).

Freemail and dial-up grant program news
Since MATÁVnet took over the Freemail service in July 1999, it has been continously developed and operated by the staff of C3. On the 20th of January 2000 the total number of active subscribers has reached 250 000. Since January users can access the freemail service without an Internet subscription via the modem pools of Matáv, which means thousends of modems distributed over the country for local tariff call.


      The NGO and school dail-up grant program of the Hungarian Soros Foundation, which has been published and extended several times since 1996, has expired on the 31rd of December 1999. The users can keep their mailboxes and web content on our servers, only the dial-up access by modem has been cut off. We can provide mail forwarding or web redirection if requested on

C3 continues as a spin-off foundation

After a long process the new C3 Foundation was registered by the court. From now on C3 will operate independently from the Hungarian Soros Foundation as a spin-off organization, according to the 3 year startup plans in 1996. The new foundation was founded and will be supported by the Soros Foundation and Matáv with promised financial and cooperative support from several other companies. There was a press conference about the transition and our Y2000 program.

Akamai Freeflow servers in C3 

Since the NetAid humanitarian event we host an Akamai content distribution server farm at C3, which means that we can speed up the download of huge websites, like CNN, Apple, Yahoo, GO NetworkThe New York Times, Discovery Channel and many others. The multimedia content of these sites - which is approx. 70% of their size - is directly delivered from C3 to all hungarian Internet users via Akamai's special Freeflow service. The servers are one hop away from the Budapest Internet Exchange (via a high speed ATM connection), where all hungarian ISPs exchange their local traffic.

Mindsweeper virtual game+party

Connected via broadband the three teams located in Rotterdam, Budapest and Linz join the battle with the aim to reach and save the flag, that stands for the domination in the virtual video- and sound-space. 


We installed a new search engine to index all web content within the domain. The standalone server is based on FreeBSD with ht://Dig and has the capacity to refresh the whole full-text index each night. There are normal and advanced search forms with detailed help.


C3 developed the "WebTerminal", a standalone steel enclosure with touchscreen, special unbreakable keyboard and a special browser interface. Currently we have 5 terminals operating at various places within Budapest connected via high-speed experimental ADSL lines in cooperation with Matáv. To continue with the development we created a project report (only in hungarian at the moment).


Network map  Bump into each other  Encart network

Last updated: May 29, 2000 by András Tüdős, C3 technical director